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Browse External Designs

This section allows you to browse templates from third-party designers.  You can choose to purchase a template and use it as the base design for your website

“Please Note: 
• These designs are provided by third-party designers who are external to OnlyBusiness.com. 
• You may select any of these designs to build your site. 
• These designs are NOT included as part of any OnlyBusiness.com membership package and will require payment to the third-party designer as per the charges indicated for the external site designs.  
• Please view our terms of use related to the purchase and usage of these external site designs as provided by these third-party designers.

To Purchase and Upload an External Design

Login to your Website Builder and go to the SELECT DESIGN SECTION, click on the third tab BROWSE EXTERNAL DESIGNS

Important:  There are some files included in External design Templates which will need to be edited outside of our Website Builder.  Or, you can upload them as is.  For example, Flash files can be edited in Adobe Flash Desktop Software.  See instructions below on how to upload flash files included in your templates.   If you would like professional help editing / integrating an external design template, please click here  (http://www.onlybusiness.com/BundledPackage/NonEcommBundledPackages.aspx)

1. Browse through designs from http://www.onlybusiness.com/templatestore/index.html and choose one you like.

2. Click the “Buy Now” button to purchase the template from the external designer. You can choose to purchase the design outright, meaning nobody else can use it again, or just the standard template cost.

3. Once you have placed the order, you will be emailed all the files included in the template in zip file format.  For example HTML, FLA (Flash), Images, PSD, SWF..etc.  Save these files into a folder on your computer. You will be prompted to type in a password. You can find the password in the email sent to you(same mail in which download link is provided.)

4. After unzipping the files, you will find the “Site” folder.  In the “Site” folder you will get all html files, CSS and images folder.   You may have to do some changes in html files as per help given in “Upload Custom Design” screen.  (http://www.onlybusiness.com/WebsiteBuilderV2/UploadCustomTemplateHelp.aspx)

5. Once you are done with any HTML changes (if any), you will be able to upload the template using  our“Upload Custom Design” interface.   This can be found in the Website Builder, in the ‘Select Design’ section, second tab.  After uploading the files, you will be able to click ‘Preview Now’ to preview the design within the Website Builder.  You can then use our Website Builder tools to edit the template and design the site to your specifications.

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