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This is the default preview window, you can choose any template design from various options available.  Click the next arrow to see other designs available.   Click on the zoom icon to see enlarged view, this is the Enlarged view of the selected design, close or press esc key to close the page. NOTE - ANY DESIGN IS 100% CUSTOMIZABLE, MEANING YOU CAN EASILY ADJUST ANY TEMPLATE TO FIT THE BRANDING AND INDUSTRY YOUR BUSINESS OPERATES IN



Select the design you like, you will get a pop-up window saying that "the action will change the template and home page content will be changed and you may find the existing content in unused section of page content gallery"   Click the OK button to change the design and preview

Designs  are available in two resolutions, Wide Design (1366 X 768) and Large design (1024 X 768) .You can select any color theme from  the 3 available color choices.

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