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Upload Custom Design

This section allows you to upload any design you created using your favorite design software (Photoshop, Dreamweaver..etc)
The design will seamlessly integrates into our CMS (Content Management System) and Website Builder

To upload your own Custom Design, please follow the steps below

Login to your Website Builder and go to the SELECT DESIGN SECTION, click on the second tab UPLOAD CUSTOM DESIGN

Using upload custom design, you may upload an existing or new static website. You will then be able to manage your uploaded design using our Website Builder and CMS (content management system). All of our features will then be available for you to integrate into your custom design. The main requirement is that in your site code(HTML) defines different sections of your website like header, menu, content, footer etc.

You can define different sections of your page by assigning id's for the various sections of your site. Please note that these sections must be a container HTML Tag like <div> or <table>. Below is the list of sections that our system will look for in your site pages.

Section(s) marked with * are mandatory in a Master page.

Header HTML section which has id=header
Menu HTML section which has id=menu
Body HTML section which has id=content *
Footer HTML section which has id=footer *

First, you will need to upload a master page, which will act as a template for all of your site pages. You may select any of your site pages to be your master page which has these sections defined. Once you've uploaded the master page, our system will process the page and ask for the tokens for sections which are not found within the master page file. You may skip the optional tokens in the master page, but then will not be be able to edit the missing sections using our Website Builder. For example, if your master page doesn't contain a token for header, then the header will not be shown in any of your site pages.

After you've uploaded your master page, you will need to upload a zip file containing all of your site pages, images, css , scripts etc. Once you uploaded the zip file, our system will automatically create your site pages and adjust the links for pages, images/css path. You can click the 'preview' button at this point and also start managing your site pages in our Website Builder.

To Start, please Click here to download a sample Master page file, and Click here to download a sample Zip file. 


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