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Page Properties

These are the components that we automatically provide for each site design, which you can add into your site page as you are creating it. These components have been specifically built and laid out in a manner that works best with the design you have selected. You should always refer back to the default example we have provided in the ‘Select Template area for how these components look best on your homepage.   Whenever you add new page content to your website, it will automatically be saved in the database, allowing you to use that same block of content on any other page.

For example, if you add a new block of content by selecting "Add page content", see screenshot below, the name of the Widget title is 'Test 5"

Then if you go the Add-On Gallery controls, click on WEBPAGE COMPONENTS and you will see a dropdown in alphabetical order of all the content blocks / components you have added to your site.  If you scroll down you will see TEST 5 added there.  If you click on it, it will be added to whichever page you are editing.  To Delete a component, simply click the Red X to the left of the name

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