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The Mixologist’s 11 Tube Salt Collection
The Mixologist’s 11 Tube Salt Collection
Posted By Lux and Eco
Posted On May 24, 2013
Category Foodstuffs & Beverages
Short Description The Collections are housed in Pyrex test tubes with all-natural cork stoppers. The tubes sit in a handmade wooden base made from reclaimed cedar. Each Test Tube contains between .7 to 1.3 Oz of salt depending on the density of the salt. Most Tubes have over 1 Oz of salt.
Price $59.95
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These multi-pack samplers of salts are a great way to spice up your next meal, and are convenient to use and store. The collections are presented in affordable, portable, and decorative packages, perfect for kitchen countertops. They even comes with reference cards with detailed descriptions and suggestions on which salts go with which dishes, making it easy to create the perfect combination of flavors.

The Mixologist’s 11 Tube Salt Collection

No. 92    Cyprus Citron Flake Sea Salt (Large Flake) - Island of Cyprus
No. 199  Chili Lime Margarita Salt 202  Tropical Hibiscus Margarita Salt
No. 129  Bloody Mary Sea Salt - Flavored Sea Salt - USA
No. 132  Vintage Merlot Infused Sea Salt
No. 155  Hawaiian Cabernet Sea Salt (Coarse) - Hawaii USA
No. 208  French Fleur de Syrah Sea Salt
No. 175  Hawaiian Koloa Rum Sea Salt (Coarse) - Hawaii USA
No. 13    Hawaiian Black Lava (Kilauea)  (Coarse) Sea Salt - Hawaii USA
No. 203  Senica Smoked Grape Vine Salt
No. 136  Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt - Kentucky USA

These samplers are bound to make a great addition to anyone’s kitchen, and are practical gifts for chefs and cooks of all experience levels. From upscale restaurants to backyard barbeques, these products from The Spice Lab will definitely leave a lasting impression.

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