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  Online Business Website, Website for Small Business is a leading website design Company offering breakthrough software to allow websites to be built for a fraction of the cost. The company was formed in order to answer the fundamental question that most business owners have about the internet i.e. "How can my business be financially successful online and make money from the web?" The idea is to build a vibrant and powerful commerce platform and business community, and to make online business website accessible to all.

As a baseline for this financial success to occur on the web, a business owner needs to have a website that instills a sense of trust and confidence in end-users so that they feel comfortable interacting with the business that sits behind the website. In order to create a sense of credibility with prospective and current customers, it is critical that business owners have a high quality, professional website that looks and works as required, and that powerfully reflects the company’s brand, products and services.

Traditionally, it has been a difficult and expensive process for businesses to come online and to sell their products. This route typically includes building a website with a catalog and shopping cart, integrating payment gateways

With a website, design and other web services (e.g. web marketing) through the product/service range, members will have:
  • a secure, professional web presence (ecommerce or non-ecommerce).
  • access to all tools and services available on the platform.
  • various web marketing, marketplace and transaction types.
  • a control panel to remotely adjust all site content & product info.
  • an ecommerce backend to manage all products, customers and orders.
  In just a small amount of time, business owners are able to build their web presence and be up-and-running, ready to accept online purchases if they wish. Using all of the inbuilt system tools, they can then enhance and extend their website exactly as they want, and they can use the full suite of marketing tools to promote their website as well as their products/services. Businesses can also choose to have their website professionally built by the world class Design Team.

"Small businesses are simply unwilling or unable to spend thousands of dollars building a website, with thousands more on monthly marketing. ' said Daniel Meyerov, CEO and co-founder, "We created to offer full business solutions that would normally cost these small businesses tens of thousands of dollars and massive amounts of time and skill to organize and manage. For example, a company who wants to sell online, needs a front-end website, an ecommerce backend, a secure server, merchant processor, reliable host, as well as payment to marketing companies, paid listings in auction sites and classified sites, etc. All these things take time and money to produce. offers one solution which covers everything."

"For the front-end look-and-feel, took the approach to quality and credibility which our competition simply does not offer" added Mark Friedman, co-founder of, "We created each base site design as if we were building a high-end website for a client who was paying thousands of dollars. Non-technical members can then select any of these site designs, customize as required, and add all of their branding, content, web tools and products through a ‘point-and-click’ and ‘drag-and-drop’ process which is extremely easy-to-use. We also built an advanced ‘designer module’ which would allow any professional web designer to upload a custom design which would simple ‘plug in’ to our entire backend system. That way, they can create an entire custom website design from scratch and use all of the system tools, features and functions to power their custom-designed website for them and/or their clients"