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1-(888) 886-0493
Pay Per Click (PPC)
            Bronze         Silver            Gold
Price per month $ 199 $ 299 $ 599
Minimum Ad Spend 0 – 2K 2k – 3K 3K+
Interactive Content Editor
Initial Consultation
Account Setup
Complete Account Access
Conversion Code Consultation
Competitive Analysis Report Monthly Monthly Fortnightly
Campaign Optimization
Keyword Research & Bid Management 1000 2000 5000
A/B Ad Copy Testing
Conversion Tracking
Revenue Tracking Consultation (if applicable)  
Regional Optimization
Quality Score Comparision Report Summary Summary Detailed
Conversion Tracking
Text Ads
Image Ads*   1 3
Placement Sites Targeting
Site Exclusion & Optimization
Demographic Bidding (if applicable)
Mobile Ad Optimization
Mobile Campaign Setup  
Mobile Device Targeting  
Mobile Carrier Targeting  
Bid Management  
Other Activities
Google Ad Extentions Consultation (if required)
Google Analytics
Account Setup $50
Profile Setup
Advanced Setup Consultation
Analysis & Monitoring
Intelligence/Alert setup
E-commerce Tracking Support
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
Advanced Reports  

  1. Image Ads: Up to 2 modifications only. Image Ads will be provide only once and not on monthly basis. Additional Image would cost extra.
  2. Landing Page Consultation: Suggestions/Advice on existing landing pages. Creation of landing page will cost extra. For platinum and titanium, consultation is given for 3 or 5 pages. We may cover those 3 or 5 pages over a period of 3 months.
  3. Mobile Website: Creation of mobile website will attract separate charges.
  4. Keyword Research & Bid Management: The number mentioned depicts the entire keywords within an account and NOT on monthly basis.
The OnlyBusiness Web Marketing team are EXPERTS when it comes to growing your business online. We have helped thousands of customers increase their exposure on the web through various online marketing efforts. Our large customer base gives us a strong reach in many advertising mediums and allows us to develop and research solid marketing plans which WORK. Moreover, our expertise in designing and managing websites allow us a lot of insight into a particular customer's business, brand and target audience.