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Conceptualized in 2005, was first launched in 2007 by Daniel Meyerov (CEO) and Mark Friedman (COO).

For the last 12 years, Meyerov and Friedman have been providing custom built web solutions for small to medium sized businesses. “Working with hundreds of companies across a range of industries, allowed us to understand the myriad of difficulties faced by small businesses when trying to build their brands online” Meyerov says. “In our experience, small businesses lack the time, financial resources and technical know-how in order to take their businesses online.” He added “We sat down three years ago and hatched a business model that would take care of all three of those major obstacles, and deliver a high-performance web solution for small business that was credible, professional and powerful, but that was also extremely affordable and easy-to-use. It’s been a long journey, but we believe is the ultimate web solution for those small to medium sized businesses, that wish to embrace the web as a significant and serious component of their business”.

After years of immersion in web development for small business and careful study and analysis of the market, Friedman and Meyerov noticed there were no solutions available to small business which truly considered all of their business requirements and the environments in which they operated. “What we noticed was that there were many website builders out in the marketplace, but none of them really focused on the critical needs of small businesses. For example, no solutions seemed very concerned with the quality and front-end look-and-feel of the websites that their service was delivering. They would offer standard websites that clearly appeared to be template-driven and ‘genericised’. This made the outputted websites all look the same, without creating any sense of quality, ‘memorability’ or credibility for the website. Today, the web is so competitive and the user marketplace so sophisticated, that having a “template” website no longer cuts it. If prospective customers see websites that do not have a professional appearance, they simply do not have the confidence to purchase a product, or respond as a lead for a service being offered”. Meyerov also noted “Another example is the ‘what then’ aspect. Competitor companies allow their clients to build sites through their web builder tools, but ‘what then’? These clients now have a ‘template website’ (which makes it hard enough to make sales or get inquiries), but they are also now left to their own devices in order to market their sites, sell and promote their products and services through other marketplaces, and to network with their business community.

These are all difficult, time-consuming and expensive tasks for a small business, without any ongoing support or guidance. was developed to provide a high-performance solution that solves all of these problems for small business, at an extremely affordable price.

Through the years of working with small business, it has become crystal clear that businesses who invested in well-planned and comprehensive solutions to build their websites and their online brands in a professional manner, showed significant progress in developing a credible, sustainable and profitable offering in the online market, which resulted in their growing their business and their profits.