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  Web Presence Vs. Web Business
There is a wealth of media and press coverage that the web has changed the face of today’s business environment and we consistently see how businesses are making more money by ‘opening up a web arm to their businesses’. However, many of the businesses we speak with have simply not benefited from ‘the internet age’ and more bluntly, have not shown any profits from the web, despite having a website. The clear learning from this is that having a web presence is not enough. One has to have a credible, reliable and professional website, with a range of high-performance tools to generate interest and attract customers – i.e. a web business.

Because of this, Meyerov says “So we sat down one day and outlined all of the ‘ingredients’ that we felt small businesses would need in order to be successful on the web, whether they needed a professional site presenting their company and the services they offer, or whether they wanted to sell their products online. We also covered all the ‘add-ons’ that these businesses might need, such as forums, blogs, RSS feeds, newsletters and extranets, etc, and we then went about building a system which would automate the entire process, in a framework that they could afford, which would also deliver business results”.

“We wanted to allow all small businesses to be able to embrace the web. Businesses are able to use our system and build a 100% free website with full ecommerce functionality (albeit with a limited feature set), but for $19.99 per month, we provide small businesses with the ability to create stunning, professional and credible websites, including ecommerce and full product management, along with a full suite of tools and services to market their offering and drive customers to their site. We also support this activity by including them in our various shopping, auction and tradelead marketplaces for free, and we constantly promote the overall system out to the marketplace, with each of our members benefiting from our marketing campaign”.

“Small businesses are simply unwilling or unable to spend thousands of dollars building a website, with thousands more on monthly marketing. We created to offer full business solutions that would normally cost these small businesses tens of thousands of dollars and massive amounts of time and skill to organize and manage. For example, a company who wants to sell online, needs a front-end website, an ecommerce backend, a secure server, merchant processor, reliable host, as well as payment to marketing companies, paid listings in auction sites and tradelead sites, etc. All these things take time and money to produce. offers one solution which covers everything. We have done the vast majority of the work for them”.

For the front-end look-and-feel, took the approach to quality and credibility which our competition simply does not offer: We created each base site design as if we were building a high-end website for a client who was paying thousands of dollars. Non-technical members can then select any of these site designs, customize as required, and add all of their branding, content, web tools and products through a ‘point-and-click’ and ‘drag-and-drop’ process which is extremely easy-to-use. We also built an advanced ‘designer module’ which would allow any professional web designer to upload a custom design which would simple ‘plug in’ to our entire backend system. That way, they can create an entire custom website design from scratch and use all of the system tools, features and functions to power their custom-designed website for them and/or their clients.

As part of our commercial solution offered to members, also provides free web hosting, free Security Certification, free web domain and free email services. We also offer a host of other optional services (e.g. logo and stationery design, Payment Gateway services, stock image purchasing services, etc) that our members can utilize if they need/want to. We provide these through premium partners in a manner that most of our members would not have the time, knowledge or resource to be able to access, where they can now enjoy these great benefits by being part of our network. One example of this is that, a member paying $19.99 per month gets their feature-rich ecommerce website, with free web hosting, on our servers at ‘Rackspace’ (one of the best web hosting companies in the world). Typically, they would often be paying more just for the hosting component than they would for having their entire web solution with

With their new websites on, members are winning new customers and building better relationships with current customers, and as a result, are making more money through the ‘web arm’ to their business. is making the difference in small businesses being able to create a thriving and comprehensive online strategy, and becoming financially successful on the web.