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The financial opportunity and profit potential of web-based business is clear and undisputed. With a number of web-based companies with a market capitalization of billions of dollars (e.g. Google, eBay, Yahoo, Amazon and others), the foundation of online business is beyond solid, and it will remain as a permanent business environment.

The question that now remains for every single business owner across the globe is simple: How can they benefit from the internet in a way that is both quick and easy-to-use, designed for non-technical business people, and cost-effective? Most importantly, this business presence in the online space has to make a profit and be financially successful for them, on the web.

As a baseline for this financial success to occur on the web, a business owner needs to have a website that instills a sense of trust and confidence in end-users so that they feel comfortable interacting with the business that sits behind the website. In order to create a sense of credibility with prospective and current customers, it is critical that business owners have a high quality, professional website that looks and works as required, and that powerfully reflects the company’s brand, products and services.

Traditionally, it has been a difficult and expensive process for businesses to come online and to sell their products. This route typically includes building a website with a catalog and shopping cart, integrating payment gateways for commerce and most importantly, interacting with other businesses and prospective customers to generate sales.

The challenge that most business websites have had in the past, is that they are effectively a tiny, isolated ‘island’ in the vast ocean of the internet. Being listed on the current search engines is like having a listing in a Global Yellow Pages, with a few million competitors in your space, along with a few more billion ‘junk mail’ ads and various other documents and distractions, that your prospective customers have to wade through (often way before they reach your company listing), in order to find you.

After that, most companies simply end up relying on ‘passing internet trade’ or on promotional initiatives for their own sites that they have had to plan, implement and finance. counteracts websites that few users and/or customers will see and purchase from. Rather, they display and promote member companies and their products/services, through a global business platform and community, where targeted traffic is directed to their businesses, which dramatically increases sales and reduce costs.

In a matter of minutes, business owners are able to build their web presence and be up-and-running, ready to accept online purchases if they wish. Using all of the inbuilt system tools, they can then enhance and extend their website exactly as they want, and they can use the full suite of marketing tools to promote their website as well as their products/services.

As a collaborative, web-based business community and platform, it is the goal and objective of to provide all of the products, services, features and functions that a typical business would need in order to build a financially successful and profitable online arm to their business.

The system features and functions operate in a single framework, which means that a business owner has all of the power and flexibility of the tools offered by a number of high-end providers (e.g. Auctions, Site Builders, Networking and Communities, Shopping Outlets, Trade Leads, etc.) built into their system profile. With this profile, members then also get a professional, fully functional and stand-alone website, open to site visitors, users and customers from the internet.

This entire suite of web services is managed by each member, through a single ‘Control panel’, removing the need to go to 10 different systems, paying each one and then needing to build a profile and resubmitting the same data in each. Now, all of these services use all of the common account, company and product information captured in the member’s Only Business registration and setup, saving both time and money for the business owner, and helping to promote their company, their products and their services through the network.

With, business owners get a powerful, high-quality web presence in a larger business-based community, and are thus able to establish professional credibility with their prospective customers. For a business that is still considering joining, the only question that remains is ‘why not’?